General Information

The ICCKC Training Center opened its doors on December 1, 2017.  It is located at 5200 N. Sawyer Avenue, Suite C, in Garden City  

This is an exciting new endeavor for ICCKC.  In the past, ICCKC had to find or rent space in parks and other training facilities for its events and for practice opportunities for members   The training centers gives us the opportunity to host classes, matches, seminars, and provide other training options.

We  offer a wide range of dog training classes  CGC & trick dog tests, scent work tests, etc.  The building is available for individual training as well as group training in all areas of dog competitions.  ICCKC Members and non-members may reserve the training ring with an hourly  or discounted monthly fee

​Volunteer members manage the center, teach classes throughout the year, and lead drop-in open practices. All proceeds support the rental, maintenance and upkeep of the Training Center itself, as well as help fund club events and donations.  

See our Classes page for upcoming classes, matches, tests, seminars and drop-in practices.

See our  Calendar page for class and reserved ring schedule.

For  additional information, visit the Class Descriptions and General Information pages.

Would you like to take a class or volunteer at the Training Center?  The Training Center committee would love to hear your ideas about how you can help or what we can do to improved our offerings.  Use the Contact Us form and select Training Center as the Subject.


If you have any questions regarding the training center, please contact  ​  For information about classes or schedules use the Contact Us Page.



Monthly Individual Private Training - $60 a month to reserve one hour a week.

Monthly Individual Private Training - $75 a month to reserve twos hour a week.

Hourly private training:  $25 an hour

Classes:  $125 for each class, $100 for ICCKC members.

Please review the following documents regarding the use of the training center.

Training Center Rules

Dog Potty Rules

Class Registration Form

Training Center Waiver

Anyone using  the center must sign and return waiver.  Use this link to print a copy or pick up one at the training center.

Dog Health Awareness

For the health of your pet, we strive to keep the training area clean and disinfected.  However, any time that your dog comes in contact with other dogs, directly or indirectly, there is a risk of contracting canine-related disease.  For the health of your dog, we suggest regular vaccinations, as recommended and monitored by your veterinarian.