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If you have ever watched a "dog show" in person or on TV, you have been watching Conformation. Conformation is used to judge a dogs structure, coat type, color and other qualities based on each breeds written "breed standard". Based on the breed standard, the judge is also making a determination as to "can the dog do what it is bred to do" (such as hunting or sledding). Conformation is used as an indicator of quality breeding stock in dogs, which is the main reason only intact (non-nuetered or non-spayed) dogs may compete in dog shows. Dog also must be purebred registered with AKC and in order to compete in Conformation.

For Upcoming Events, visit our Upcoming Events page

ICCKC holds it's main conformation show every year in October. The Treasure Valley Dog Shows (TVDS) is a 3 day event, the second full (FRI-SUN )weekend in October with conformation, obedience, Rally, Agility and other special events.

ICCKC also holds a Match -- a practice conformation show -- once per year, alternating spring and fall with LBKC. In 2020, ICCKC will hold the Fall Match.

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