Juniors are the future of dog sports. That is why it is important to our club to involve and mentor juniors as well as offer Junior Membership. Membership fees are reduced for Juniors, but they do go through the same membershp process. Our club currently has 3 Junior members. We also offer a Junior Scholarship.

AKC Dog sports are family-oriented sports. In all venues, you are likely to see parents and/or kids participating or just enjoying the events together.

In AKC Conformation for Juniors is called "Junior Showmanship". Juniors compete with other of their age and/or skill level Showmanship, Junior Showmanship offers children between the ages of 9 and 18 years of age an opportunity to develop their handling skills, learn about good sportsmanship, dogs, and dog shows. Juniors are judged on their ability to present, or handle, their dogs as they would in the breed ring. They can also compete in the breed ring with any AKC eligible dog.*

In other sports, Juniors can compete for titles and awards. The AKC Junior Recognition program awards points for participation in all AKC events and additional points for earning qualifying scores or placements. *

For more information, see: *AKC Junior Resources

These two Junior Members of ICCKC met through AKC Junior Showmanship competitions 4 years ago. They became friends through participation in Junior Showmanship. They are now both Junior members of ICCKC and active members in the Sirius Fun 4-H club. Tori is the current president of Sirius Fun and Charese served as president 2 years ago. They are frequently found hanging out at shows and always willing to mentor other Juniors and 4-H members. Both assist at the Treasure Valley Dog shows. Tori along with other Treasure Valley Juniors helped other Juniors run the Junior booth.

Both Tori and Charese have met the qualifications to participate in the AKC National to be held in Orlando, FL in December 2018