AKC offers Herding Trials and Tests. These test a dogs ability to move and control livestock, such as ducks, goats, sheep and cattle. A trial is a competitive event, where dogs earn placements for titles and has several competition levels. A test is a pass/fail event, including instinct, herding and pre-trial tests. This is not just about the dog working: It is essential for handlers and dogs to demonstrate teamwork.

AKC now also offers a Farm Dog Certification test. This is much like a CGC test, but in and around a farm. Dogs must be able to pay attention to and respond to a handler around farm equipment, livestock and general farm environment.

AKC has a wealth of herding information on regulations, titles, getting started, as well as links to helpful training articles. AKC herding events and a list of Herding clubs can also be found at the AKC website. See more at

AKC Herding Regulations

AKC Farm Dog Certification Test

Although ICCKC does not offer herding tests, in southwest Idaho we are fortunate to have many experienced trainers, trials, and herding tests available.