Coursing - FastCat

Running and chasing comes naturally to many dogs, but especially Sight hounds like Borzoi, Basenji and Whippets. Traditionally, most of the groups for racing your dog for titles only accepted sighthounds, but now there are many competitions for all breeds and even mixed breeds. AKC offers Lure Coursing, Coursing Ability Test (CAT) and Fast CAT. These are low-stress, non-competitive tests where each dog runs individually to measure performance.

Racing and Lure Coursing are fun sports that many people and dogs enjoy. If the dog likes the chase, it requires very little training on the owner's part. The atmosphere at one of these affairs is easy going and laid back.

Although ICCKC does not offer these tests, we do have members who reguarly participate in these events.

For more information visit the AKC Coursing page