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ICCKC is an all breed AKC Member Club and is authorized to hold events in conformation, obedience rally, agility, tracking and scent work.

AKC also offers certifications/titles for several non-competitive events. ICCKC has member evaluators for Canine Good Citizen and Trick dog certification/titles. Canine Good Citizen certification/titles are needed for some Therapy Dog programs.

Many of our members participate in other AKC events, including Field, Freestyle, Herding and Lure Coursing. These are events that test a dog in tasks that it was bred to do. Members also enjoy several Non-AKC events such as Carting and Freestyle.

AKC allows purebred as well as non-purebred dogs to earn a title in companion and performance events, like Agilty and Obedience. The only event that is restricted to purebred dogs is conformation.

To earn any AKC titles, dogs must have an AKC number: an AKC registration number, a Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number or an AKC Canine Partners number. For mor information, visit AKC Getting Started in Dog Sports


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